Saturday, February 25, 2017

[Knowledge Sharing] Need To Cancel Your Job Interview? Don't Do This...

I asked a group of seasoned recruiting pros to tell me the best (worst) lies they've ever heard from a candidate. There we some amazing responses, but here are the five that took the prize for being the dumbest. 

Lying to recruiters is a very, VERY bad idea. They are a tight-knit community. I've known job seekers who've been 'blacklisted' in their industry for getting caught in a web of lies by a recruiter. In this day and age, it's way too easy for a recruiter to check with their colleagues to get, "the inside scoop" on you. Which means, you need to keep your reputation in good standing, or your career could suffer.

Need to reschedule that job interview? Please, NO excuses.

One of the biggest pet peeves recruiters have is when a candidate makes up an elaborate excuse as to why she/he can't make it. This article by Steve Tobiak explains why making excuses is such a bad idea. (Hat tip to recruiting pro, Stacy Donovan-Zapar for sharing this article with me.)

In it, Tobiak explains why you need to keep your response short, and without a lame over-the-top reason to hide the fact that you are A) hung over, B) have a better job offer to go on, or C) are just so disorganized you can't get there.

A simple, "I need to reschedule our meeting," is all you need to say.

With that in mind, let me give you three additional tips on the subject:

1) Do everything in your power to not cancel. Recruiters are interviewing multiple candidates for the job. If you cancel, I guarantee someone else is getting your slot. You shouldn't cancel unless you absolutely, positively must.

2) Apologize. Say you can't make it. Apologize again. You need to let your sincere regret for needing the schedule change clear. You are the one that wants a job. You are the business-of-one that needs to sell them on your candidacy. They are the ones with the salary, benefit and perks you desire. Cancelling on them isn't cool. Make sure they know you know it.

3) Call. No texting, no email. Just CALL. They need to hear your voice. Calling is as sign of accountability and respect. Texting or emailing is a sign of coward.

Now, even if you do all of the above, there's still a chance you won't get the interview rescheduled. But, I assure you this: create an elaborate excuse and I GUARANTEE you won't get the interview. Recruiters can tell (and remember!) a liar from a mile away. Don't risk it.

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